Sunday, October 26, 2008

Developing a Research Thesis

The third semester is about to end of my MBA and it's time to spend some time on the MBA research. Selecting a research topic is difficult. Doing literature review and developing on the thesis is even harder. After a chat which I had with Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana I decided that I should select a topic which would be useful for WSO2, my organization that I work for as well and therefore thought of touching the area of marketing open-source software. I have no clue on where to start and at the moment am browsing through the web and collecting related magazines, articles which I think might be useful for me.

I wish my father was alive because I'm sure I would have had great support from him since he has done similar kinds of stuff and helped a lot of other people who have done their research projects. He did his PhD on radiochemistry and his research paper is available on the web but unfortunately I cannot access is since I have to pay in order to download it.

I could have got some help from my dear old sister who is a medical doctor at the University of Ragama but alas she too is doing her PhD these days and I don't think I will get any help from her either (She too has written some articles on her research).

So I guess I'm alone on this and will have to do it on my own. Well of course we are expected to do it on our own but it would have been great if I had someone who's close to me who would at least would understand my stress at a time like this. I know that there will be a lot of people at office to help me out but it won't be the same. We will see how it goes. My only hope is to be able to complete it by 2009 and graduate with the rest of the batch. :-)

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