Monday, May 23, 2016

[WSO2 Governance Registry] - How to analyse the history of registry resources

Assume that you are working on a setup where you need to analyse the history of registry resources. One might want to know what type of operations have been done to the resource throughout it’s lifetime. This is possible from a simple DB query.

select * from REG_LOG where REG_PATH=‘resource_name’;

i.e. select * from REG_LOG where REG_PATH='/_system/governance/apimgt/statistics/ga-config.xml';

As an example, assume I want to find out the actions taken on the resource ga-config.xml. So when I query the table REG_LOG, below is the result I would receive.

When you look at the above result set, you would notice that the column REG_ACTION shows different values in each row. The actions that represents these values are configured in the class For example, REG_ACTION=10 means that the resource have been moved from it’s current location. REG_ACTION=7 means that it has been deleted from the system. Likewise, when you go through [1], you can find out the rest of the actions which you can take on these registry resources.

Therefore as explained above, by going through the REG_LOG of the registry database table, you can audit the actions taken on each and every resource.

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