Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to configure Elasticsearch, Filebeat and Kibana to view WSO2 Carbon logs

This blog will explain the most basic steps one should follow to configure Elasticsearch, Filebeat and Kibana to view WSO2 product logs.


I have written this document assuming that we are using the below product versions.

Download the below versions of Elasticsearch, filebeat and Kibana.
Elasticsearch - 5.1.1
Filebeat - 5.1.1
Kibana - 5.1.1

How to configure Filebeat

1. Download Filebeat to the server where you Carbon Product is running.
2. You can install it in any of the methods mentioned at [1].
3. Then, open up the filebeat.yml file and change the file path mentioned under filebeat.prospectors.

- input_type: log
    - /home/ubuntu/wso2esb-4.9.0/repository/logs/wso2carbon.log

4. Configure the output.elasticsearch and point to the server where you are running Elasticsearch.

  hosts: [""]
5. If you are using a template other that what's being used by default, you can change the configuration as below.

  hosts: [""] "filebeat"
  template.path: "filebeat.template-es2x.json"
  template.overwrite: false 

6. Once the above configuration are done, start your Filebeat server using the options given at [2].

Configuring ElasticSearch

1. For better performance, it is requested to use Elasticsearch on JDK 1.8. Hence, as the first step, make sure you install JDK 1.8.0 on your machine before continuing with the rest of the steps mentioned here.

2. Install Elasticsearch using the below command

sudo dpkg -i elasticsearch-5.1.1.deb

3. For the most basic scenario, you only need to configure the host by specifying the IP of the node that Elasticsearch is running on.

4. Now start the ElasticSearch server.

sudo service elasticsearch start

Viewing the logs from Kibana

1. Extract Kibana to a preferred location.

2. Open the kibana.yml file and point to your Elasticsearch server.

elasticsearch.url: ""

3. Access the Kibana server from the URL http://localhost:5601 and you can view the WSO2 carbon logs.

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[2] -

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