Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to print the results summary when JMeter is running on headless mode

When you are running JMeter in GUI mode, you can easily view the results through the Summary report or through the Aggregate report.

But how do you view the summary if you are running JMeter in headless mode?

This can be configured through the file which resides in $JMETER_HOME/bin folder.

Note that this is enabled by default in latest versions of JMeter. E.g.:- Version 2.13

#--------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Summariser - Generate Summary Results - configuration (mainly applies to non-GUI mode) #--------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

# Define the following property to automatically start a summariser with that name
# (applies to non-GUI mode only)
# interval between summaries (in seconds) default 3 minutes
# Write messages to log file
# Write messages to System.out

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