Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to run JConsole with JTop

If you need to run JConsole with JTop, all you have to use
is the following command and it will appear as a new tab on

$ jconsole -pluginpath JDK_HOME/demo/management/JTop/JTop.jar


Pooja said...

I tried this command but it doesn show the new tab.. what to do??

Pooja said...

I tried using that command but the new tab is not shown.What should i do?

Evan said...

Hi Pooja,

Did your straightaway use the given command? If you did so, that might not work. Instead, can you replace JDK_HOME with the absolute path to the location where you have installed Java?

E.g.:- jconsole -pluginpath /opt/software/java/SUN-JDK1.6/jdk1.6.0_25/demo/management/JTop/JTop.jar

Liju said...

this was helpful to me and nice to sea active lady blogger since from 2007

Best regards