Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick guide to installing WSO2 ESB 2.1.x on IBM Websphere

This is a quick guide on how to install Carbon based WSO2 ESB on IBM WebsphereV6.1

Step 1 - Adding the keystore

Create a new profile through the 'Profile Management Tool' and then start the IBM Websphere server. Follow the steps given under 'Adding the keystore' of http://wso2.org/library/2735 and add the wso2carbon.jks keystore

Next, go to SSL certificate and key management > SSL configurations and click on 'NodeDefaultSSLSettings'. Select created keystore (E.g.:- wso2carbon) from the combo boxes 'Trust store name' and 'Keystore Name' and then click on the button 'Get certificate aliases'.
Click on 'Apply' and then save the changes done.

Step 2 - Preparing WSO2 ESB

Download the WSO2 ESB distribution and extract to a specific location. (E.g.:- C:\esb\wso2esb-2.1.2).
From this folder copy the folders,

- conf
- database
- resources
- repository

to a separate folder. (E.g.:- C:\esb\esb_repo). We will refer to this as the CARBON_HOME from this point onwards.

For Carbon 3.0.x family, you need to copy only the two folders resources and repository.

Step 3 - Changing necessary files of the WSO2 ESB distribution

a) Open the carbon.xml file which is in the CARBON_HOME\conf folder and specify the correct WebContentRoot

E.g.:- /esb
Also change the ServerURL value in the same file as below.

b) Next open the axis2.xml which is located inside the CARBON_HOME\conf and specify the correct paths for the two .jks files wso2carbon.jks and client-truststore.jks specified in the axis2.xml

c) Then you need to specify the absolute paths of the WSO2CARBON_DB of the two files registry.xml and user-mgt.xml

E.g.:- Change

f) Next you will have to specify the absolute path of the synapse.xml which is in the axis2.xml file located at CARBON_HOME/conf


Step 4 - Deploying the esb.war

a) Go to the webapps\ROOT folder of the WSO2 ESB which you extracted and create a war file using the command

jar -cvf esb.war *

b) Then as specified under 'Adding WSO2 WSAS to IBM WebSphere Application Server' of http://wso2.org/library/2735, install the war file.

Step 5 - Starting the IBM Websphere server

Now stop the startServer.bat and set the CARBON_HOME to the folder which you copied the folders conf, database, resources etc.

Next start the server and access the management console using

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